Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas Blahs

All the gifts are unwrapped, the living room looks like a tornado touched down in it and if I eat another Christmas cookie I might just toss my  Spending Christmas with my family is truly a blessing but thank God it happens only once a year! 

Today we are back to work. The weather here is a cold, windy, rainy type day.  And wouldn't you know I left the house this morning without my coffee or my cell phone?!?!?!  I guess I got so out of sync that I totally didn't know how to act this morning.  Not to worry I am all straight (well as straight as I can get) now.  But looking at the house I totally have the post Christmas Blues.  You know what I mean.  All the good cheer and joy of Christmas is gone.  All the excitement and anticipation of the big day is now just a memory.  And all my stomach can do is groan and mumble something about needing some TUMS.  I do wish we could spread that good cheer out for more of the year...and maybe find a way to capture that excitement and focus it on something else.  I did find one place that is perhaps trying to do just that.  I Believe in Strangers.  After the tragedy in CT I committed myself to doing 26 random acts of kindness.  I have3 down and 23 more to go.  I don't feel pressured to do them all at once or even in the next couple weeks...but in the next year.  It's my hope that each one with cause a person to smile and maybe feel like it's Christmas that day for them. 

I hope your day is not rainy and if it is I hope you are someplace warm.  Glad tidings :)

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