Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh What a Year!

It was almost a year ago that I posted on here the adventures I wanted the Busy Bryants to go on during 2012.  If you don't remember it you can read that post here.  I remember when I wrote that post it seemed like a wish list of things I really wanted us to do but didn't think we would be able to find the time to ever get to.  I am happy to say we really did get a lot marked off that list! 

In January we spent a few days in a cozy cabin with the kids and my parents.  James River State Park is every bit as picturesque as their web site describes.  I think a return trip in the Summer to go tubing is in order.

In February we headed to Nelson County and tried our luck at snow tubing and zip lining.  Then we warmed up by hitting a few wineries on the way home.  Awesome day!

In March we visited friends in Harrisonburg and celebrated birthdays. 

In late March, early April, the races started gearing up...............lord why do we torture ourselves?

Shamrock 5K

Monument 10K
Muddy Buddy

In May we finally got to go on one adventure I have been eyeing for a couple years!  We went on a river boat tour of the Rappohannock River.  The fact that a winery was also on the tour was a total surprise...haha.  Ok yea I knew.  So what. 

Ingelside Winery

In June we slipped off to Orlando with my sister and my brother-in-law.

Emma started it!

I don't LIKE it!

We came home from Orlando just to pack our bags and head to Tennessee in early July.  We stayed in an absolutley amazing house with some even more amazing friends. 

We came home...recooperated just a bit and had some fun doing the biking and running thing again :)

High Bridge State Park

High Bridge State Park

Pre Color me Rad

Post Color me Rad

The Color Me Rad race still has to be one of my favorites!  I'm already signed up for 2013. 

In August I went on a little camping trip in Natural Tunnel State Park.  It was breath taking.  Not just because it was beautiful...but also because we had to share the camp with skunks :)

In September we visited another place I had really been wanting to check out.  Westmoreland State Park and Colonial Beach. 

Westmoreland State Park
Westmoreland State Park

In October we took our second trip to Manassas to watch Tommy run.  Then we hit up a pretty awesome come maze. 


November was a time to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for.  We celebrated Thanksgiving and spent time with family.  We spent a weekend at Bear Creek State Park and marked that adventure off our list :)

We also ran the last race of the year for us.....The Dunkin' Donuts Munchkin Run

In December we completed the year with a great adventure/surprise birthday celebration for my mom.  We went to Virginia Beach and checked out the lights on the boardwalk!  

Whew!  As I was go back looking at all the things we did this year I feel so blessed that so many of the things we did were with our family.  At times the kids complain that they feel like we are always on the go...but when we sit down and talk about all the things we've done they just smile, laugh and then say how much they enjoyed it...But it's not nearly as much as I've enjoyed spending the time with them.

I know there were a lot of pictures for this post....and you know what....even with all the adventures I posted and pictures it's still not really a list of ALL the things we did.  It was an amazing year!  I can't wait to see what next year holds :)

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  1. Just year can be even more!!!!! Don't forget about the tough mudder non-event! so to speak! lol