Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Love

I've always loved the feeling of a fresh start.  And usually Mondays give me that start over.  But this Monday I'm just not feeling it.  Today I'm feeling thankful that my kids are safe.  I'm feeling angry that life seems so unfair.  I'm feel sad that there are parents that don't have their babies any more.  Frustrated that there are no answers to WHY some bad things happen.  The only thing that has felt bending the rules over the weekend and sharing our bed with Emma, staying on the couch for a few hours to watch Christmas movies and getting in extra hugs like there is no tomorrow.  Maybe I'll feel a fresh start coming on tomorrow....maybe not.  But in the mean time I'll be taking all the hugs I can get from a certain 2 year old and I'll be hoping she turns out to be a genius and can skip having to ever go to school.

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