Thursday, December 13, 2012

Red and .......Turquoise for Santa

Usually I stick with the traditional red and green theme for the house when it comes to Christmas.  But this year I just could not help myself!  While in Walmart, of all places, I come across some of the cutest turquoise colored ornaments ever and they just jumped right in my shopping cart.  Really, they DID!  So who was I to argue?  So this year and I expect for many years to follow (or until I no longer have an obsession with the color) we'll be seeing red and turquoise for Christmas :)

Then there are rooms in my house that look like this...............

Ho Hum.....

I hope the Holiday spirit is touching you all...Happy Thursday peeps.  


  1. ok, well you will love my white tree this year. FULL of tourquoise ornaments. NOT my favorite. So, when I take the tree down, they are all going to find a loving home at your house. I'll take your red and green ones!!! I can't wait to see your house all decorated though!!!