Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter in Virginia

This year the Governor and First Lady of Virginia (Bob and Maureen McDonnell) hosted an Easter Egg hunt at Capitol Square.  It was the first Easter egg hunt ever hosted in Virginia by the Governor....and mother nature must have been in a good mood!  The weather was calling for storms and rain starting at 4pm, lasting until 6pm.  The egg hunt was to be from 5pm until 7pm.  But as Emma, Mark and myself waited for the festivities to begin not a cloud could be seen.

Entering Capital Square

From the other end looking back on the
other families

The Governor's Mansion

The Governor and First Lady

The "Virginia is for Lovers"

The Richmond Raiders mascot
Emma wanted no parts of it!

This was as close to the front of the
Easter Bunny she would get...but she
did like to pull the tail!

The mascot for the Richmond Squirrels

The Virginia General Assembly Building

And that is not crime scene's to tape off
different sections of the hunt for
different age groups.

Everyone was asked to bring a gift
for a baby.  The gifts will be donated
to expectant military moms 

Emma's buddy was making sure she didn't
run off :)

It was a fun afternoon and so glad we could be a part of it.  Emma may never remember it but I'll remember it as the day she tried to pull the bunny's tail off.   ;0)

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