Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sycamore Rouge

This past Sunday we had a funday!  Mark and I had the chance to visit a local theater and take in a burlesque show.  What could be more fun than singing, dancing and comedy bits that had us cracking up all afternoon? 

Located in Old Town Petersburg, Sycamore Rouge, is a small performing arts theater with lots to offer.  This special show was part of a fund raising campaign to help keep the doors open and the performers on the stage.  The Slomski Fool's Day Burlesque Brunch was a great way to kick off their campaign and a cause that Mark and I were more than happy to support.  I mean beautiful girls and talented performers....what's not to love?  For two hours we got to sing along with the singers, watch performers twist and turn (and sometimes strip down to.....well that's another story) and laugh at the comedy sketches between the dancing and singing.  In the coming weeks they will be showing a variety of other performers and plays, including Steel Magnolias.  I'm hoping the doors to this place stay open not only because it's a real asset to the area but because they know how to have a good time.  


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