Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Running on Monument

With it's cobble stone streets and memorials to some of Virginia's participants in the Civil War, Richmond's Monument Avenue is a site to behold.   Now add several bands and cheering crouds lining the avenue, people dressed in costumes and 42,000 walkers/runners and you have the annual Monument 10K. 

Our wave at the starting line

In Monroe Park pre race

The Landmark Theater

Waiting in our wave to get
the party started

And sorry there are no pictures during the race because I had my hands full trying to keep up with the other runners.  I am happy to report I finished in one piece and was able to reach my goal of running the entire thing.  I really Really REALLY wanted to stop and just walk.....several times.  But I was afraid my ride would leave me :)  I will definitely put this on the calendar for next year.  Maybe by then I'll have more Busy Bryants to join me!

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