Friday, April 6, 2012

An Easter Tree skirt

Over the years that I have been doing a seasonal tree I have collected hundreds of ornaments and crafted hundreds on top of that.  But what I don't usually do is change out the tree skirt.  I bought a pretty white satin skirt a few years ago and being neutral it went with everything.  Somewhere down the road I bought a cheap green skirt and now use it for the St. Patrick's Tree but then I go back to the standard white one.  This year I wanted just a little something different for Easter.  But I also wanted easy and cheap.  Target came through for me!

I bought a round Easter vinyl table cloth.  Used my existing tree skirt as a pattern to judge how big it should be.  Then I cut the round table cloth down to the size of the tree skirt.  Taa Dah! 

I got so excited I tore it open before taking a picture :0/

Before I made the cut

Old tree skirt as a pattern

After the cut

And finally in place

All maybe 15 minutes!

Now that is my kind of crafting: cheap ($4.99), easy and super cute!  Happy Friday to you all.  Hope you are having a great one.

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