Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Richmond's Diamond

In Richmond there is a diamond so large that you can see it from the interstate as you pass by.  This diamond is so bright you can see it at night as you land at the Richmond Airport. And this diamond is so special it has it's own flying mascot.  Richmond's Diamond has been around now since 1985 and is currently home to Nutzy, the mascot of The Flying Squirrels

On April 12 The Squirrels had their season opener (it sold out) and a full weekend of celebrating followed in order to help bring in the new season.  We visited on Friday the 13th and we were in luck....after the game they had fireworks! 

Play ball!

The Richmond City Skyline under a setting sun

Don't ask me....she must get this behavior from
her father

Playing under the lights

Guess who ate more of that cotton candy

We didn't get a picture with Nutzy at the ballpark
but were able to snap one of him at the Easter
Egg hunt

Much fun was had by all...Even Nutzy was smiling. 

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  1. That picture of the baby laying on in the stands is too funny!