Thursday, April 26, 2012

Muddy Buddies

This last weekend Mark and I had the chance to crawl through mud on my hand and knees, ride a bike for just over 3 miles and run (for what seemed like our lives) through a muddy forest.  Periodically we would have to climb a cargo net and slide down an inflatable slide or crawl through a small man made tunnel.  There were a couple walls we had to get over and even a creek we had to get across.  All the while it was cold and it was rainy....but let me tell was awesome!!!

Both Mark and I were asked to be on teams in the Columbia Muddy Buddy.  I was on team Cork Screws and Mark was on team Pulling Fourty!

Poor Jennifer was already soaked!

Are these shirts great or WHAT?

The race is a bike/run race through the forest and fields at Pocohontas State Park.  You start off with your "buddy" at the beginning.  One buddy is on the bike and the other buddy is on foot.  You bike or run to your first obstacle, do the obstacle and then switch off.  You do this a hundred six least I think it was six.  About half way through I totally didn't know how many I had left or how many I had done.  The total package is just over 6 miles and the grand finale is a dive into the mud pit with your buddy.  This particular weekend we had amazing sunny and warm weather....right up until the morning of the race!  We woke up around 4 a.m. to rain and 50 degree weather.  So the entire course was nice and muddy and none too warm!  But I still have to say it was a great way to spend our Sunday morning...with our buddies!  Days after were all still comparing bruises and scratches.

The "clean" picture

On your marks....get set.....

Mark coming down a wall

Jennifer and I after the mud pit...crossing the finish line

The "dirty" picture

There was beer and music for the post race party but our tails were freezing and all we could think of was gettting WARM.  So no post race party for us.  The race itself was a great adventure.  I can't speak for everyone but I look forward to doing it again next year :)

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